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In their debut album as a duo, stars of the Yiddish and klezmer musical world Sveta Kundish & Patrick Farrell present a triptych dedicated to three brilliant Yiddish poets: Rivka Basman Ben-Hayim, Celia Dropkin, and Avrom Reyzen.

HALVA is the international ensemble with which Nicolaas Cottenie investigates the links between traditional Yiddish music and the surrounding cultures. They combine the traditional sensibility of Eastern European music with fresh ideas, and he always finds new ways to sound exciting and inviting, but also still familiar.

TerraAnatolia CD 300DANZ113
The Duo Ergün Aktoprak and Jürgen Dahmen are presenting their new music project under the album title “Terra Anatolia”. As a singer and as a pianist, they set out into the musical expanses of Anatolia to track down traditional sources of bard and folk music.

Singer Serap Giritli and kanun player Muhittin Kemal have assembled lullabies from around the world for their project.


Agya Koo Nimo is a considerable transmitter of the awesome legacy of Folk music and storytelling music from West Africa. Born in the village of Foase, in the Atwima District of the Ashanti Region in Ghana, he worked in various jobs in science and medical-related field while maintaining his interest in music. In 1957, when the former British colony of the Gold Coast became the independent country of Ghana, Koo Nimo first received national acclaim through the formation of the Addadam Agofomma ensemble.


The 12 songs on this live album pay tribute to the collection "Ganovim-Lider", published in 1928, and the Jewish folklorist Shmuel Lehman (1886-1941), who gathered these songs among criminals and prisoners. 


Pushkin Klezmer Band is a Jewish wedding party orchestra from Kiev. Experimenting with folklore, Pushkin continues the traditions of klezmorim, as professional musicians were called in Yiddish. Once upon a time, Jewish wedding guests danced to their tunes in Ukraine and Bessarabia. There was so much joy and dancing spirit in klezmer music that it survived the Holocaust and assimilation. Now it wants to sing again in full voice.


Muhittin Kemal Temel, distinguished composer and qanun virtuoso, was trained in classical Turkish music. Later, he expanded his musical horizons by working with legends of the world music scene such as Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma.


YSKFI is the international Klezmer band playing traditional Jewish dance music. And it's based in Berlin, Europe's secret capital of Klezmer and Yiddish music, center of attraction for musicians from all over the world whose roots are distinguishable despite all merging and blending.


Wild music from the heart of Poland!

Traditional, grounded music with an archaic and a modern, even vanguard sound at the same time – is it possible?

Proof is supplied by the new album of the Janusz Prusinowski trio (a quintet of course): Wild, shrill, polyrhythmic, unheard tones in times of musical randomness, melodies swinging round in circles and appearing to be in league with the devil.


Can Russian music be easygoing, swinging, just right for chilling out in summer? While every fairly experienced music lover would impulsively deny, ODESSA EXPRESS proves us wrong.


Russian Jazz was born in Odessa. Trio Scho are the charming, snappy and, of course, nostalgic ambassadors of this music, wherever they perform.


Berlin based FAYVISH brings together what have been carefully divided so far - singer/songwriter, punkpop and the Yiddish language.


A Belly Dance Classic since 1995

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