Noten Halva

Sheet Music Album


  1. Turns Out It's A Sher
  2. Frelex
  3. Khosidl für das neue Leben
  4. A Finny Little Sirba
  5. Hora Pentru Lora
  6. Freylekhs
  7. Budapest Bulgar
  8. Alina's Dobriden
  9. Breakfast In Kiev (Bulgarische Kolomeyke)
10. Hora Din Kaval
11. Halva's Kolomeyke
12. Tsvey Strunen Terkisher
13. A Finny Little Terkish
14. Saba Syrto
15. Greek Lydian Hora
16. Romanian Shepherd's Tune
17. Prelude
18. Geamparale
19. Dinner in Sofia
20. Coffee in Beirut
21. Desert Moon
22. Tyr
23. Rain in Ramallah

All compositions by Nicolaas Cottenie.

The Scorebook contains the version for C-instruments. You can download the Bb- Eb-, and F-clef versions as pdf documents, using the individual download code in the scorebook..

Sheet Music Album, 54 pages                                               

24.99 EUR

Nicolaas Cottenie's compositions connect the traditional sensibility of Eastern European music with fresh ideas, and he always finds new ways to sound both exciting and inviting, and at the same time familiar. With his international ensemble "Halva", Nicolaas Cottenie investigates the links between traditional Yiddish music and the music of the many cultures surrounding the Ashkenazim (the Yiddish-speaking Jews in Eastern-Europe): Greek, Hungarian, Turkish, Rumanian, Middle Eastern and Western Classical Music. Cottenie's original, surprising and expressive compositions push the boundaries of sound and genre.
The “Halva Scorebook” is a collection of 23 compositions that Halva presented on the two albums “The Sweetest Klezmer Orchestra” (2019) and “Dinner In Sofia” (2021, to be released soon on our Label Danzone).

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released February 1, 2021

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